Giving Accents In Room Decoration

aksen pada dekorasi ruangan

Often times to make the interior look beautiful, we apply various accents on the room decor. Ranging from wall accents, light, color or various other decorative accents. However, what exactly is the function of applying the accents to the room decor? How important is it to apply decorative accents to the house? Accents On Room Decoration Reduce Monotone Impression The application of the same color around the walls of the house without any decoration or blend of any color, can make the interior of the dwellings seem monotonous and ordinary. Different when decorative accents added to the interior of the house. The decoration accents not only can beautify the dwelling, but also reduce the impression of monotonous.

fungsi aksen pada desain ruangan

Artistic Paintings, handicrafts, mural works, and various other artworks can be used as accents for decorating the room to make it look more artistic. Nothing wrong lho decorative accents of the craft is on display like a private gallery in the house.

Focal Point

One of the factors that make the home interior look more attractive and beautiful is because of the focal point in a room. So that focal point can make all eyes fixed and capture all the attention from the decoration and interior design theme of the house. With the right accent, the accent can be a charming focal point of a room.

aksen pada desain ruangan

Covering DisadvantagesPaint walls that have long been applied in the room may start peeling or damaged. No need to repaint the wall, Rooang can use wall decoration accents such as wallpaper, picture frame or painting to cover the shortage.

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More “Animate”Without anything special, the interior of the dwelling would seem unremarkable and tend to be boring. So that the interior decoration is impressed hollow can also affect the mood and mood of the inhabitants. So there’s no harm in applying a special accent to the interior of the house so that the atmosphere of the room in the occupancy becomes more lively and fresh.

fungsi aksen pada desain interior

No need to expensive and complicated, the application of accents on home decoration can use the right color game, motif or pattern on the wall or elements of fabric in the room, wallpaper, decorative lamps, furniture or can also use plants or flowers that can live in the room (indoor).


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