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Creative Home Offices with an Asian Influence

Long gone are the days when you leave work behind as you punch out your card and head for home. In the modern world filled with laptops, tablets and smartphones, you carry your work pretty much everywhere. As a result, more and more homeowners are wanting a dedicated home office that allows them to get the job done with comfort and ease. Whether you have an envious home office with unabated ocean views or a practical workspace in the basement, it is the ambiance of the space that ultimately determines its productivity. When it comes to creating an elegant, relaxing and efficent workspace, few styles work as well as Asian.

Fabulous home office also doubles as a meditation space [Design: Arnold Schulman Design Group]

The Asian style is largely defined by the use of natural materials, calming hues and innate simplicity. Ergonomics meet form beautifully in Asian-style home offices, and today we have 10 outstanding inspirations that showcase how to pull off the look while embracing modern aesthetics.

Multitask with Ease

Not all of us have homes that are blessed with an extensive amount of space, and often the home office is combined with the bedroom or even the kitchen. This Asian-style home office works perfectly for those who want a smart craft zone along with an elegant workspace. The design is kept simple, the color scheme neutral and the decor comfy to usher in a sense of serenity. Window shades, wall murals and interesting accessories complete the look.

Crafts zone combined with the home office in an ergonomic fashion [Design: Katherine Kawaguchi]

How often have you seen the home office of a lawyer being typically filled with a stoic wooden table and walls of books? Well, this one is different as it turns to Asian style cabinetry and decor to acquire a completely different and ingenious appeal. Obvious additions such as the Buddha statues and the wall art in the backdrop accentuate the Asian vibe even as gray accent wall brings a hint of modernity.

Spacious home office with cool Asian influences [Design: S&K Interiors]

Having an exclusive home office does not mean you need a dedicated room that is only devoted for this purpose. This home office uses open shelving to separate itself from the living room and yet is visually connected with the living area at all times. By using a series of shelves instead of a wall, the space has an open, airy appeal and a wonderful flow of natural ventilation.

Open shelves separate the home office from the living area [Design: Suzanne Hunt Architect]

Smart use of Space

Space is definitely not a constraint when you are trying to create a relaxed and beautiful Asian-style home office. The two inspirations below showcase how the right color scheme, decor and accessories can easily create the look in even the tiniest of corners. Think of warm, calming yellows for the wall, furniture in natural wood, Asian-style lighting and some smart accessories to replicate this look.

Floating glass desk and simple accessories shape this home office [Design: Studio Linder Architects]

Give the home office some natural greenery [Design: Thom Filicia]

This home office might not really be cramped, but it does utilize space that might have been otherwise left unused. Staircase landings and nooks under the staircase are perfect for a nifty little home office. The unique design of the desk and the bookshelf in the backdrop give this home office its dash of Asian flavor.

Creative home office combines modern aesthetics with Asian style [Design: The Interior Place]

Color and Creativity

Remember that the Asian style encompasses a broad spectrum that actually includes many different styles originating from regions across the continent. But in most instances, homeowners associate Chinese and Japanese design influences as ‘Asian’, and they do seem to be the most popular among the lot. The vivacious use of red along with a hint of gold in the home office below seems to be inspired by the classic Chinese color palette.

Stylish home office connected with the porch [Design: Knudson Interiors]

If the office above is all about Chinese opulence, this one revels in the unassuming simplicity of Japanese design! What seems like a ‘Zen nook’ is actually filled with a hydraulically controlled desk that can be operated at the touch of a button, a wall with a screen dedicated to video conferencing, and of course, a minimalist workstation.

Japanese style home office with a hydraulically controlled desk! [Design: Ki Arts]

Not comfortable making a turn towards the oriental style completely? Not to worry, as you can easily strike a balance between the contemporary and Asian styles with a home office such as the one below. Using a dashing black and gold color scheme, the space is decidedly modern and yet has undeniable Asian flair.

Give your contemporary home office a subtle Asian flair [Design: Atmosphere Interior Design]

Black and White Home Offices

Classic, timeless, easy to pull off and a perfect backdrop that is versatile and exciting – black and white is a color scheme that is always hip and trendy. It is interesting how different people perceive the idea of a black and white color palette in vastly different fashions. For some it is simply taking away any semblance of color from the room and for others it is adding two of the strongest, most elegant colors around! Irrespective of which side you fall into, the sheer allure and understated class of a black and white color scheme is simply undeniable.

Space under the stairs turned into a captivating home workspace


While we have previously showcased mesmerizing black and white bedrooms, exciting living spaces and some stunning kitchens, it is now time to shine the spotlight on some fabulous home offices draped in this gorgeous color combination. While some veer towards minimalism, others still end up celebrating color in their unique way – these are 30 of the very best!

Turn to the Walls

Those familiar with the world of high-end fashion will need no introduction to German fashion designer and artist Karl Lagerfeld. The creative force behind Chanel once remarked that “black and white always looks modern; whatever that word means!”, and that definitely sums up the attraction of this color scheme. In the home office, black and white seem even more appropriate, as the combination finds that perfect balance between a formal setting and a cozy setting, depending on how you use it. And one of the best ways to achieve this balance is by using artwork, framed photographs and wallpaper.

A gallery wall filled with black and white photographs, prints or artwork is probably one of the best and easiest ways to decorate a home office without disturbing the color palette in the room. It adds dramatic elegance to the space, gives the room an instant focal point and breathes life into the black and white setting despite the obvious lack of color. Wallpaper is another wonderful way to bring contrast, pattern and personality to the home office, as the black and white variety shuns color and takes a predominantly monochromatic approach.

Gorgeous black and white home office with window seat and a craft closet [From: Laura Manchee Designs /Photography: Miro Dvorscak]

Creative way to hang artwork in the home office [Design: Authenticity B. Designs]

A collection of black and white framed photographs and wall add to the neutral color scheme [From: Boswell Construction]

Lovely desk brings warmth of wood to the contemporary home office in black and white [From: Alki]

A Balance of Elements

One of the benefits of black and white is that it brings a touch of abstract beauty to any style that you choose for the home office. Unlike in the case of the living room or kitchen, the number of elements in the home office is something you can control far more easily. This allows you to usher in a black and white look, and often all you need is a simple backdrop, a chic desk in white, a chair in black and maybe a couple of cabinets in a matching hue! But make sure there is a balance between black and white components in the room if you want a truly beautiful home office that celebrates both ends of the color spectrum.

Chic home office with a hint of Hollywood Regency [From: The Design Co. / Lisa Petrole Photography]

Pendant and rug bring Moroccan flavor to the modern home office [Design: Terracotta Design Build]

Spacious, monochromatic home office with large shelves and a ladder [Design: Alexander James Interiors]

Black ceiling gives the room with high ceiling a visually cozier ambiance [Design: Carine Harrington / Simon Eldon Photography]

Modern minimal home office in black and white [Design: Ian Moore Architects]

Multipurpose home office design with unique table and quartz countertop [Design: Studio M Interiors]

Revel in Seasonal Colors!

Despite all our love for black and white, we still yearn for color with time, and the idea of an exclusively black and white home office does get mundane. Even if you feel the same way, you can still use the color scheme in your home office and then add color carefully over a period of time. This is definitely a cost-effective approach to decorating, as you have a largely fixed backdrop that you do not need to tinker with at all. Just inject varying pops of trendy colors (which change with seasons, of course) to keep the ambiance fresh, exciting and playful.

Add some snazzy color and pattern to your black and white home office [Design: Shirley Meisels]

Dark sophistication and smashing decor additions create a stunning home office [Design: Bonadies Architect]

Transitional black and white home office infused with a splash of fuchsia [Design: Marilee Bentz Designs]

Cool blue chairs blend in with shades of gray in the room [Design: W Design Interiors]

Ottomans and throw pillows add pattern and a hint of color to the spacious home office [Design: Sutro Architects]

Choosing a Dominant Hue

Black, white and the endless shades of gray that live in between – the varying combination of these colors can lead to an endless array of styles, looks and spaces! With gray ruling the world of neutrals for the last few years, use it as a transition between black and white in the home office to bring greater sophistication and cohesion. Also, the amount of white and black you use in the room should be in relation to the size of the home office, along with the natural and artificial lighting on offer. Small rooms in white can use hints of black to anchor the space, define it and highlight architectural features. Larger rooms with high ceilings are places where black can take over and play the role of the protagonist.

Dashing monochromatic, contemporary home office [From: Flock-Living]

White is the dominant hue in this shabby-chic home office [Design: Tiffany Eastman Interiors / Paul Johnson Photography]

White Scandinavian home office with a hint of black [From: Plyroom]

Create a room within a room using raised floor [Photography: Elad Gonen]

Comfortable Minimalist Home Design


Hasil gambar untuk Comfortable Minimalist Home Design

Having a dream home must be everyone’s dream. Not a matter of size, a good home is a home that can bring happiness and comfort to its inhabitants. Regardless of whether the house is large or small, the most important thing is how you design it.

Home is the source of the happiness of every family. Thus, a house should be designed in such a way as to fit the needs and desires of the owner.

Translating the tastes and needs of everyone is certainly not an easy job. A designer must have excellent experience and interaction skills. Comfortable home design is derived from the ability to translate the wishes of each homeowner who is certainly different from each other. Each person has their own characteristics and character.

Gambar terkait

A special approach to get some information about client details is the first task of any designer. After that, this information and data are further processed and translated into a perfect interior design. But again, it is not an easy job.

Comfortable home design; needs above desires The interesting thing about comfortable home design, is not only about size.

However, a comfortable home design is about putting needs above desires. Many homeowners only want their home design by including various elements and design elements that are often unnecessary. It affects the non-functioning of either a space, or a space malfunction. A top designer and topnotch once said: “no house is too small, there is furniture that is too big.” The design of a cozy little house is a matter of alignment of composition, dimensions, furniture and space.

Hasil gambar untuk Comfortable Minimalist Home Design
The concept and design of a comfortable and functional home, the unity of the space functions and the artistic interior design, into one way to get the idea of ​​a comfortable home design. How a house, no matter how size, can have a truly comfortable level of comfort. And certainly do not rule out the matter of care. Design house, big house or small house, to be comfortable of course should have a level of easy care and also cheap.

The design of a functional little house; small house 35 square meters Small house measuring approximately 35 square meters in Austin, Texas United States was designed by a designer and architect named Kim Lewis. What makes it unique, is that this tiny house is a combination of two small trailer homes. Both units are combined by a deck to form a beautiful little house unit. An idea of ​​designing a smart little house. You can start it with one house first, then try to add another when you need to.

Small house measuring 26 square meters

Hasil gambar untuk Comfortable Minimalist Home Design

The little house called “The NestHouse”. Designed by architect and designer Jonathan Avery from Tiny House Scotland. This small house with a firm red color measuring only 26 square meters only. Uniquely, Nethouse has an attic that functioned as a bedroom area. Design a small house that is very interesting and also consistently maintain the line of philosophy of thought small home movement or tiny house movement is busy.





7 Kitchen Models Below the Stairs

Creating a kitchen under the stairs might raise questions for you. How can I freely cook under the stairs? Instead of imagining that far, better look at some kitchen models under this staircase for your home design inspiration later!

1. Kitchen under the stairs with open shelves

Dapur di bawah tangga dengan rak terbuka

The kitchen area under the stairs takes advantage of empty space as a storage rack. If you want to look neat, of course this shelf should be covered. But if your house is quite narrow, should the kitchen shelf under this staircase is left open for a wide impression. The kitchen under these staircases is usually low so you need a cooker hood to cook comfortably without any disturbance of smoke in the room.

2. Kitchen under the stairs with minimalist shades

Dapur Dibawah Tangga Minimalis

Kitchen under the stairs with minimalist shades and all-white is perfect for homes inhabited by small families. The shape is simple but enough to put the coffee maker machine and a small washbasin. The top and bottom can be used as a storage rack collection of cutlery. Side areas can be used to store snacks.


3. Kitchen down stairs side by side with dining room

Dapur Dibawah Tangga Meja Makan

Stairs are usually located on the edge of the house docked with a wall, the shape of the kitchen under the stairs usually follow that angle. The kitchen under this staircase will have an empty space in the center. In order not to waste, you can put the table there. Take advantage of the bottom of the stairs as a storage room for cutlery.

4. Bar or kitchen under stairs

7 Model Dapur di Bawah Tangga, Solusi Rumah Mungil

For drink lovers, you can also make storage shelves for drinks in the kitchen under the stairs. Part of the kitchen table under the stairs is quite filled with a small washbasin. At the bottom you can create a special rack of drinks and put the cupboard of glass storage.

5. Kitchen under the stairs U shape

7 Model Dapur di Bawah Tangga, Solusi Rumah Mungil

Kitchen under the stairs with 90 degree angle can be made in the form of U. Unlike the kitchen under the other stairs are so simple and narrow, this one kitchen can look more elegant and spacious. Because of its position in the corner and has a low ceiling, provide enough lighting to make you comfortable cooking. Do not forget to choose the right wattage lamp. For the furniture, it would be better if you use the built-in furniture to fit the bottom of the stairs.

6. Kitchen under the stairs open

Dapur Dibawah Tangga Terbuka

If the model of the kitchen beneath the previous staircase looks tiny because of the stairs made of brick and cement, the kitchen under the stairs this one looks quite relieved because the ladder itself only uses wood and structure of iron. This large area allows you to use a long kitchen table with a shelf on the top to place a collection of favorite dishes and some decorations.

7. Kitchen down stairs to entertain guests

Dapur di bawah tangga untuk menjamu para tamu

When there are guests coming, of course as a host you must prepare drinks or snacks. The kitchen under the stairs can be used as a bar to entertain guests because of its location close to the living room. There is no stove in the kitchen under these stairs, there is only a sink, a row of glasses, and a collection of drinks.

Of the seven kitchen models under the ladder, which one will you make in your future home?

Decorative Lamps For The Most Expensive Dining Room

memilih lampu hias untuk ruang makan

In organizing and creating a dining room, furniture is not the only element to be noticed. The reason if the lighting in the dining room is not enough, although the furniture and interior design of the dining room made as attractive as possible, will still be less than the maximum. Therefore, decorative lights are needed to add lighting in the dining room, especially at night. In order not wrong in choosing, here are some tips on choosing decorative lamps for the dining room that can be used as a guide.

tips memilih lampu hias untuk ruang makan

Not Just For Lighting, But Also Decorations Application of decorative lights in the dining room, it aims to provide additional lighting for the dining room looks brighter. But as the name implies, the lamp also serves as a decoration to beautify the decor of the dining room.

tips memilih lampu gantung untuk ruang makan

Customize With Theme Dining Room In order to beautify and in accordance with the theme or style that is applied to the dining room, then the model or design of decorative lamp to be selected was adjusted to the theme of the room. This is to give a dramatic impression on the theme applied.

tips memilih lampu gantung untuk meja makan

Consider Hanging Lights Decorative lamps have hanging lamps and wall lamps. The type of wall lamp can indeed provide additional light in the dining room, but the resulting light will be more diffuse and not focused on the dining table. While hanging lamps placed on the dining table, more able to illuminate the dining table better.

trik memilih lampu gantung untuk ruang makan

Note the Lamp Lights And Dining Table Placement of a chandelier that is too close to the dining table, will make the atmosphere of the dining table too dazzled. But if placed too far, the possibility of light that reached the table will be less. Therefore, the distance of lamps and dining table should be made ideal. Generally the lamp is hung with a distance of about 1.5 meters from the dinner table. But it can be adjusted again with the size of the lamp

memilih lampu gantung untuk ruang makanLamp With Some Light Source There is a type of chandelier whose light source is only one point. Whereas hanging lamps with more than one light source, will make the dining room look more beautiful with more light spread throughout the room. So one of the tips to choose decorative lights for the dining room that you can apply is to choose an ornamental lamp that has several light sources.


Cafe Increasingly Tips


Business cafes increasingly mushroomed along with the increasing lifestyle and purchasing power of the community. Together with it, information technology was speeding not faster. One trick that you must apply in this business is decorating the cafe as attractive as possible to fishing curiousity for people to visit. Especially with the existence of popular sosmed like Instagram, unique cafe decoration will be more quickly recognized public. You want to also have a cafe that instagramable and quickly known widely? These inspirations may be adapted. Exterior Section Corridor-like roads will be more interesting with green accents plus lights. Canopies outside the window will also give the impression that there is abroad, very interesting for people who want to take pictures. Floor pattern As the main component that dominates the scene, you can choose to use a plain floor that can feature simple accents or patterned. The patterned floor by itself becomes a decoration that embellish the interior.

Selection of Tableware and Desk AccessoriesThe first photographed by the visitor is what is on his dining table. If you can choose unique and sweet tableware and table accessories, soon the visitors will capture them in the photo.   ThematicallyWill be quite draining if you want the concept as above. But, the uniqueness can be immediately widespread and make your cafe crowded visitors. Faster back capital too, right? LightingThe room will be more easily photographed and produce interesting photos if supported by good lighting. Arrange the room in the cafe with the best lighting possible, without disturbing the activities of visitors to hang out and enjoy the dish.

Furniture Furniture is the main device of your cafe. So it’s best not to move the chair from the shop to the cafe room. Choose furniture according to room concept. Does not have to be fancy. Can also simple wooden chairs like this. Decorating the Wall Another thing that attracts people to take pictures is the uniquely decorated wall. It could be with whiteboard walls, frames containing posters, photographs, or quotes, or just potted plants placed on the shelves of the walls.


Exotic Nuance Cafe El Mexico


interior kafe el mexico malang

Carrying the theme of Mexico, the atmosphere of the cafe looks exotic with a distinctive style of design and decoration. Traditional elements on each side of a typical Mexican wall, displayed through a blend of bright colors and bold. With a semi outdoor cafe atmosphere, allowing sunlight to enter the cafe area freely. So the atmosphere of the cafe was not too hot and dark. Not to forget, the furniture also uses wood accents for natural impression. Diverse Walls of Concepts

kafe el mexico malang

This cafe does not seem too broad. However, it does not mean that the style that can be applied to the cafe interior to be limited is not it? Because although only surrounded by walls on each outer side that resembles a square shape, but there are many concepts applied to every part of the wall. The application of different themes and images on the walls of each table also serves as a transparent bulkhead that restricts the visitor’s desk from one to the other. Different concepts and drawings make every inch of the wall can be an instagramable image. Bright colors


kafe el mexico instagramable malang

Mexican interior design generally apply bright colors or bold colors on each wall. Even the colors are often made to appear contrast and collide with each other. So the concept is also not forget to apply to the interior of El Mexico cafe that is applying this Mexican-style interior. Decorative Detail and give a Music for Romatic atmosphere

desain interior kafe el mexico malang

How to Spruce Goods In The Bathroom To Look Neat

There is a lot of equipment or items needed in the bathroom. Especially if the bathroom is used to together with family members or other occupants in the house, while the bathroom is not too large. Therefore, for the bathroom does not look messy, here are some tricks to tidy up items in the bathroom that you can apply. Only Items Needed No need to put all the stuff into the bathroom. Rooang buddy should be able to sort out which items are necessary and should be placed in the bathroom and which are not. For example stock clean towels. If there is no storage space in the bathroom enough, then do not need all the stock clean towels are stored in the bathroom.

kunci penting dalam mendekorasi kamar mandi

Remove Immediate Bottle Empty

Bottles of shampoo, soap bottles, bathroom cleaning fluid or any other packaging that is empty or unused again, you should immediately dispose into the trash so as not to make the bathroom full. Storing empty bottles in the bathroom can also be an annoying mess.


Avoid Wardrobe Or Large Furniture

Large cabinets or storage can accommodate many items. But for a cramped bathroom, it is better Rooang buddies avoid the use of cabinets or furniture that are large so as not to block the view and make the bathroom feels narrower. Put all items or bathroom needs with a neat and orderly arrangement. Place smaller items on the front and larger items at the back for ease when picking up items.

tips mendekorasi kamar mandi

Use the Wall ShelfNo need to force the storing of all the items in the cupboard placed on the floor. Rooang buddies can use storage shelves or cabinets taped to the walls to make the small bathroom look neat and relieved. Open storage shelves or cabinets with outside mirrors for example, can make the bathroom look neat and more spacious.

trik merapikan barang di kamar mandi

Do not Leave Under the Empty SinkBottom area of ​​the sink can be used for storing liquids and bathroom cleaners, tissue stock or stock shampoo, soap and various other toiletries. To be neat, use a container to save it. So with the trick of smoothing things in the bathroom, the bathroom was no longer looks messy.

cara menata barang di kamar mandi

The Facts of Minimalist House Design

Increasing the desire of the community to own a private home, making the demand for a minimalist home is increasing. The reason is in the development of the current era of increasingly limited land, making the price of land and homes more expensive. So that suitable minimalist house applied to limited land increasingly popular. Before determining the concept of a house suitable for occupancy, it’s good to know some of the most important minimalist home design facts here first.rumah minimalis

The position of the house is one of the important things that must be considered before starting to design a minimalist home. Because the position of the house located at the end of the road, would be different from the non. Positions of houses located on slopes, in rural areas, urban, mountain or beach will also vary. So knowing the position of the house will help determine the minimalist home design that fits with the condition.fakta rumah minimalis

Fakta Desain Rumah Minimalis Yang Paling Penting

Although minimalist, does not mean a minimalist home then built with design and concept of perfunctory. Because in fact, the fact of the most important minimalist home design next is the house carries the concept of modern design. For example from the minimalist home facade tends not boring, though impressed simple.

fakta rumah minimalis

Minimalist house has a color concept that tends to have a scheme and a combination of neutral colors and soft impression. With the game gradation of these colors, such as white, black, gray, giving the impression of the room. In addition, the characteristics of neutral colors are also soothing and suitable combined with various models and colors of furniture. Its dynamic nature makes the mix easy to blend and does not seem rigid.

fakta rumah minimalis

Making the concept of a minimalist home design is very concerned about the function and needs of the room on the house. For example in a minimalist house whose land is limited, the function of dining room and kitchen can be used in one area so that it can make the room more functional. Due to the fact the most important minimalist home design is to create a room that can work optimally and optimally.

fakta rumah minimalis

The use of furniture in a minimalist home in addition should not be too large, also should have multiple functions and roles. So not infrequently if the furniture at home minimalist needs more flexible. This can, for example, be applied to large shelves or cabinets that are between one room and another. Because in addition to functioning as a place to store goods can also be used as a room divider.